Gentoo Prefix with llvm

introduction For me, Gentoo Prefix is one of the most interesting open-source projects. It helps me install a complete Gentoo-system under random folder (as long as you can write to it) on many OSes (macOS, Linux, Solaris) and many archtechtures (arm64, x86_64, etc.). The system is managed by portage, so I can leverage the already-existing gentoo repository and even enpower it with overlays to form a unique system.1 To bootstrap prefix easily, currently you need bootstrap-prefix.

Mount tmpfs on macOS

Introduction Some Linux users, especially those who have experience with Gentoo Linux, usually want some portion of their systems mounted as tmpfs. tmpfs will only keep the files in the system’s memory and is convenient for us to throw away files on system reboot. I am definitely one of the fans of tmpfs because tmpfs helps me keep some software from shitting on my computer. However, when it comes to macOS, mounting a tmpfs seems to be a little bit complex.